935717 - Locator® Matrix Set, 5-part

Specific Description

The Locator Matrix Set consists of 5 components: the matrix housing with polymerisation insert, the polymerisation sleeve and three retention inserts - one transparent insert with a 2.3 kg withdrawal force, one pink insert with a 1.4 kg withdrawal force and a blue insert with a 0.7 kg withdrawal force.

The inserts can be selectively placed in the matrix housing - depending on the retention required. There are also other retention inserts, which are used for example with divergent implants. The matrix housing has an undercut, which securely retains the retention insert. The locator instrument is used for fitting and removing the insert. The matrix housing is made from titanium and has retention on the outside for improved retention in the denture. The housing and the insert together form the locator matrix.

The black polymerisation insert is only used during polymerisation in the denture and is subsequently replaced by the required retention insert. The polymerisation sleeve is used as a seal between the locator matrix and abutment to prevent the inflow of denture acrylic.

No. 935717
Name Locator® Matrix Set, 5-part
Material Nylon
Locator® Attachments

Locator® Attachments

Retention Elements for Attachments

Retention Elements for Attachments

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