935715 - Locator® Impression Post

Specific Description

The Locator Impression Post is used directly over the Locator abutment for taking impressions.

The post consists of a titanium housing and nylon insert, which provides friction to ensure reliable retention on the Locator abutment. It is connected to the Locator abutment simply by placing it onto the abutment. The section with undercut retention ensures that Locator impression post is retained in the impression after the impression has been taken (denture or custom tray).

No. 935715
Name Locator® Impression Post
Material Titanium Grade 4
Locator® Attachments

Locator® Attachments

Retention Elements for Attachments

Retention Elements for Attachments

SICace / SICmax Product Overview

Locator Abutments

Prosthetic Overview Hexagonal